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Billy Pye Powerhouse Performance Program

By DJHA, 09/12/15, 7:45AM CDT


Billy Pye is offering a "powerhouse performance" training program.

Powerhouse Performance Program

This program was created to enhance player’s physical and mental abilities. “Powerhouse program” is specifically designed to help goalies develop a plan with skills to be successful. Off Ice is one of the best ways for goaltenders to take their game to the next level focusing on specific multi-dimensional training. On Ice the” powerhouse performance” goal is to enhance their conditioned response to game situations and to move them past being one-dimensional shot blockers. The demands of a goaltender are mostly mental…not a puck, not an opponent, but the stress and anxiety he/she feels while playing. Developing and maintaining mental toughness is a large part of goalies that is often over looked.
Package 1:   All 6 sessions for $499                                          
Package 2:   Choose 3 dates for $299                                             

Dates and Times:
Monday, September 21st - 6pm-9pm
Monday, October 12th – 6pm-9pm
Friday, November 6th – 5:30pm-8:15pm
Friday, November 13th – 7pm-9:45pm
Thursday, January 28th – 6pm-9pm
Monday, February 1st 6pm-9pm

Please contact Billy for availability: