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Donating to Benefit Our Teams

By Cherie Layton, 07/31/11, 9:06PM CDT


 As you know, DJHA is a non-profit organization and our funding, particularly for scholarships comes from tax deductible contributions.  This year, we filled our individual scholarship fund early and have decided to open up the tax benefits more for team expense funding.  You will notice a PayPal donation tab on each team site.  You, and anyone you chose can make a contribution directly via that donate button and receive a tax deduction from DJHA for your contribution.  Fifteen percent will go to the DJHA scholarship fund with the remaining 85% going directly to the team.  Sponsors of $250 or more will be recognized on the site.  Remember that while you can gain from the contribution, most every business small and large has a program for giving and all you have to do is ask.  So first, consider donating to your team. Then use the attachment as you see fit to ask for donations from your work or from a neighborhood business.  And in the event you connect with a large organization and would like some help presenting the opportunity, contact a Board member and we’ll go with you to talk about the value of contributing to the Penguin mission.